Club Plate Registration Address

Have You Moved?

Change your Club Plate Registration Address in Writing

You must notify VicRoads in writing any update to personal details if you have changed address or changed club/association. This is stated #5 Conditions on your renewal.
Some members have been caught out as the computer for the Club Permit scheme at VicRoads is not linked to […]

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Australian F1 & F2 Championship Round 1

Australian F1 & F2 Championship Round 1 – Race Report

Well that was a meeting that will stay in the memory for a while, with just about every session having at least a recovery vehicle being dispatched. The medical staff were kept on their toes with mishaps with Sidecars but mostly sole racers  requiring assistance. Due […]

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2016 Calendar Poll

“Sidecar Racing Club of Victoria 2016 Calendar Poll”

I have been asked a lot over the last 12 months if we will be doing another Sidecar Racing Club of Victoria Calendar.

I will certainly produce one if we can get enough interest.  The biggest challenge we face is having to print 100 […]

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Sidecars Hiding in Sheds

“Sidecars sitting in sheds, doing nothing”

Do You Have One? Vote Now

This is one of the comments I hear most, when a heap of Sidecar buffs get together, thought we would test the theory once and for all!

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Heart Attack

Heart Attack – Learn the Warning Signs

It is important to understand that warning signs can vary from person to person and they may not always be sudden or severe.

Although chest pain or discomfort is the most common symptom of a heart attack, some people will not experience chest pain at all, while others will experience […]

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SCRCV First Blog Post

Welcome to the first ever Blog Post for the Sidecar Racing Club of Victoria

We hope you enjoy the new website, and if you come across any glitches or anything that seems wrong, please let me know.

Duncan, Footy and myself will be creating and updating the blogs, but we would love volunteers to write blog articles […]

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