Sidecar Racing Club of Victoria

Snippets from our Monthly Meetings

24th June, 2015

  • Reminder that the Sidecar Racing Club of Victoria AGM is the 29th of July 2015
  • Reminder that all Membership Fees are due on the 31st of July 2015
  • Club Plate Membership Vehicle Description Forms and Photographs are now overdue, and despite previous requests, not all members have completed and returned them.
    This places The Sidecar Racing Club of Victoria in breach of the Vic Roads Club Plate Membership Rules and jeopardises our participation within the scheme itself.
    Unless all Vehicle Description Forms and Photographs are received by the 31st of July, we cannot accept “Club Plate Scheme” renewals for those vehicles. This will also mean that the said vehicles under the scheme will be no longer registered.
    Jan to advise all current members of this when sending out the annual renewal notices.
  • On behalf of the Sidecar Racing Club of Victoria, we express our condolences to the family and friends of Lisa West,
    Tragically taken before her time.
    Out thoughts are with everyone who knew her

25th March, 2015

  • New Membership Forms and Vehicle Description Forms distributed to all members
  • New SCRCV Postal Address P.O. Box 688, Brentford Square, Victoria 3131
  • Verbal Race Report “Barry Sheen Festival of Speed”
  • Deposit for 2015 Introday Approved
  • Darren Dewhurst welcomed back into Sidecar Racing with a broken ankle at Barry Sheen
  • New Membership Card Designs Approved for 2015/16 Financial Year

February, 2015

  • Changes to Club Permit Scheme require new membership forms & photos of vehicles on permits
  • Invoice for $165.00 from MA for Permit fee for Australian titles at Barry Sheen Festival Of Speed
  • Barry Sheen Festival Of Speed entries close 06/03/15
  • Whole of Sport Review headed up by Ross Oakley formerly with AFL to investigate motorcycle racing
  • MA rule changes for 2016 cut-off 13/03/15
  • Hartwell has asked for helpers for ASBK round in October at Phillip Island