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We are pleased to announce that at the AGM held on 27/10/21 a new committee has been elected as follows:

President – Ruth Souter

Vice President – Martin O’Shannesy

Secretary – Ian Souter

Treasurer – Patrick Clancy

Red Plates – Gary Cleland

General Committee Members – Barb Marten, Ray Crathern, Mark Knight and Mel Schluter

Please note:

  • All members are still able to race under our banner until the 31st of December 2021

  • All Club Plate Members are still able to ride / drive their vehicles under our banner until the 31st of December 2021

Please contact Ruth Souter for details of meeting and how to attend on  0417 568 396

What’s Happening at the Sidecar Racing Club of Victoria?

AGM Wednesday 28/07/2021 CANCELLED

Unfortunately we have had to again cancel the AGM due to Covid19 Restrictions.  Have spoken to the Venue, they are limited to 100 people at any given time, and they cannot allow us to use an area without everyone purchasing a meal, which is totally understandable.

Introday 12th of December 2021 Cancelled

Unfortunately we have to cancel this years Introday again because the date has become unavailable at the track for us.  We will keep you informed as what is happening and a full refund will be given to everyone who has pre-purchased for this event.  Massive apologies