Australian F1 & F2 Championship Round 1 – Race Report

Well that was a meeting that will stay in the memory for a while, with just about every session having at least a recovery vehicle being dispatched. The medical staff were kept on their toes with mishaps with Sidecars but mostly sole racers  requiring assistance. Due to so many delays the meeting had quite a few sessions cancelled & moved to different times, sometimes to the frustration of competitors.

F1 qualifying was James’s, Brown/Longhurst & Rogers/Dewhurst in a field of 14.

F2 qualifying was shifted & delayed until Saturday morning with the West’s scoring pole & I’m not sure where everyone else qualified as the results are not correct on the website.

R4 for F1’s saw the James’s take the win with Brown/Longhurst 2nd & Rogers/Dewhurst 3 thousandths of a second behindin 3rd.

R13 for F1’s was first leg of the Australian Championships with the James’s taking the win, Joyce/Blackman 2nd & Pym/Mc Kinnon 3rd. The race was declared as someone tipped over his yellow LCR between turns 5 & 6 stopping the race as Darren was laying on the track having a rest.

R18 for F2’s the Gumpy Old Men, Alton/Beare took the win with Marten/Edis a close 2nd & the girls Clancy/March 3rd.

R22 for F1’s also point scoring for the Australian Championship went to the James’s with Joyce/Blackman 2nd & Pym/Mc Kinnon in 3rd.

R29 for F2’s also point scoring for the Australian Championship was team G.O.M. Alton/Beare 1st, West’s 2nd & Martin/Edis 3rd.

R33 for F1’s the quickly improving Joyce/Blackman 1st, James’s 2nd & Pym/Mc Kinnon 3rd.

R38 for F2’s was Alton/Beare 1st, West’s 2nd & Marten/Edis 3rd.

R44 the final F1 race of the weekend went to Joyce/Blackman, 2nd James’s & Brown/Longhurst in 3rd.

R50 the final F2 race of the weekend went to the West’s. 2nd the girls Clancy/March, & Alton/Beare in 3rd.

Round 1 Australian F1 Sidecar Championship points.
James 71
Joyce 65
Pym 54
Brown 51
Boughen 46
Ford 45
Foot 43
Buxton 35
Vrdoljak 27
Reynolds 25

Round 1 Australian F2 Sidecar Championship
Alton 75
Marten 56
Clancy 51
Harvey 50
Rayner 44
West 40
Mc Kinnon 30
Reynolds 28
Goodale 27

A huge THANKS to Footy & Melis for getting us there & back in the Fun Bus & for fixing my fairing again!

Darren’s ankle is on the mend